Postdoctoral Fellows

Mariano Barbacid Laboratory. Postdoctoral Fellow. Sara García-Alonso

Sara García-Alonso, PhD

Dr. Sara García-Alonso focus her research in the identification of RAF1 selective degraders, as a therapeutic strategy for patients with KRAS driven lung and pancreatic adenocarcinoma. She has purified RAF1 full-length in a soluble form and, in collaboration with Guillermo Montoya at the Novo Nordisk Center for Protein Research (Copenhagen), has resolved part of RAF1 structure by Cryo Electronic Microscopy. She is now conducting studies to find peptides and PROTACs capable of degrading RAF1. Furthermore, she is using de degradation TAG (dTAG) system to reproduce pharmacologically those therapeutic effects observed upon RAF1 genetic ablation.

Mariano Barbacid Laboratory. Postdoctoral Fellow. Federico Virga

Federico Virga, PhD

Dr. Federico Virga is studying how the anti-tumoral response of the immune system can be enhanced in the context of pancreatic and lung tumours induced by KRAS oncogene. His research aims to improve the treatment of these tumours, which are among the most aggressive and lethal cancer types.

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